Dovan Rai, PhD

Scientist/ Education Coordinator

Education Technology, Game design, Datamining, Causal Modeling



Dovan Rai has PhD from Computer Science Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), USA. Her dissertation titled ‘Modes and Mechanisms of Game-like Interventions in Intelligent Tutoring Systems’ explored ways we can integrate game elements in Intelligent Tutoring Systems to maximize both rich learning experience and robust learning gains. The research was at the intersection of Educational Psychology, Game Design, Datamining and Artificial Intelligence. She designed and developed three game-like learning environments and used Bayesian and Causal modeling to explore the variable space.

She is passionate about education technology and worked at OLE Nepal, where she designed educational software for public schools in Nepal. She is based in Nepal and running Sujhaab Chautaari, a career counseling platform for youth of Nepal.