Organizational Structure

Director : Head of the institute

Academic Division

The academic division will consists of staff that are active in conducting research that is internationally recognized. Focus will be on conducting research that is contextually relevant especially in the context of developing countries. There is strong emphasis on establishing international collaborations, exchanges and joint grant applications. We welcome inquiries for joint research collaborations. The academic wing supports a large number of researchers and interns to initiate exploratory research in new and high value emerging areas.

The academic division consists of:

    • Research Director : overall responsibility for research within one or multiple themes including strategic leadership


    • Senior Principal Research Scientist :  Experienced group research leader to provide research leadership and conduct scientific research within one or more research areas


    • Principal Research Scientist :  research group leadership within more research areas


    • Senior Research Scientist :  established independent researcher


  • Research Scientist :  independent researcher with demonstrated track record in publishing papers

Outreach Division

The outreach division is responsible for disseminating research to the wider community within Nepal and the Asian region. It is also responsible for engaging with educational institutions to enhance AI based teaching. Outreach division conducts workshops and short training programmes in machine learning and data science with the aim of enhancing the technical capability of individuals and organisations with focus on enhancing AI/ML capability of IT professionals, embedding ML skills within organizations and improving science education within schools and colleges.

The outreach division consists of:

    • Outreach coordinator : responsible for developing outreach programmes and running these


    • Training specialists : responsible for developing content within specific areas and delivering these


Industrial Division