NAAMII is a profit-not-distributing research organization with a vision of being world class centre of excellence that continuously betters lives locally and globally. It will play a pivotal role in building a strong foundation of research and support the ecosystem of higher education and innovation in the field of informatics, applied mathematics and AI.

Scientific Division focuses on our primary goal of doing high quality research; it is strongly supported by the academic-outreach and industry-innovation divisions to create a sustainable and vibrant ecosystem for science, innovation and entrepreneurship

Scientific Research

At NAAMII, multiple autonomous research groups will be working on high-quality research in various domains such as healthcare, environment, ecology, education, and agriculture. We actively seek collaboration with national and international partners and institutions to work on local and global problems.

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Academic - Social Outreach

We work with existing educational institutions in Nepal to help extend and modernize AI and informatics education. Creating awareness in society about the impacts of AI and helping build government policies to facilitate research and innovation are also our priorities.

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Industry and Innovation

NAAMII aims to connect research with industry in Nepal: by providing research expertise to the existing industry and also incubating new startups facilitating them with expertise and mentoring. We also aim to guide industry funded PhD programs on the projects of mutual interest.

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Research Projects

Automatic Spine Curvature Estimation from X-ray Images

Computer VisionMachine LearningMedical Imaging

Breast Cancer Imaging

Medical Imaging

News and Events


NAAMII Research Internships 2020

3 Aug 2017
NAAMII is looking for highly motivated individuals interested in doing research to join our internship program. It will provide an excellent opportunity to develop research skills and learn from experts […]
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NRA Public Lecture Series 2020: Dr. Digbijay Mahat

Prime College14 Feb 2020
Nepal Research Alliance (NRA), in collaboration with NAAMII and RIBB, invites you to the first episode of NRA Public Lecture Series 2020: ‘Contributing Towards Global Fight Against Cancer From Nepal’ […]
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